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As a parent traveling in a campervan living on less than 6 square meters we easily forget us as a couple and go into functioning mode. Each time we then finally reconnect intimitally to each other brings us this huge wow effect!!

Slow Sex really really transforms my way of being, with myself and with my beloved one! I don’t understand how we sometimes just hang out for weeks without this amazingly nourishing “practice”. It might sound weird to see sex as a practice but in this case it is. It is more of a meditation, being present in the act of lovemaking without any expectation of a certain outcome. Orgasm can but definitely doesn’t have to happen.It is deep connection on a soul and body level with slow movement, sometimes no movement, awareness of breath and sensations… I guess I cannot put in words how transforming this kind of intimacy is to us. Taking time is key, even though finding it can be challenging as parents, we know. But it is soooo worth it!!

We highly recommend the book ‘SLOW SEX’ by Diana Richardson to anyone who wants to dive deeper into  their lovemaking .It might also work for people who freshly have fallen in love but is especially good for long term relationships where the first time of huge attraction has ceased.
So just a first little exercise if you want to try: Take a lot of timeBreathe deeply as you look into each others eyes for some minutes. You can gently with full presence caress and massage each others bodies, genitals, whatever feels goof for you…

If you decide to go for penetrational lovemaking, breathe deeply together and again look deeply into each others eyes. Move slowly or sometimes even not at all. Feel your whole body… Get rid of any expectations and just stay open…

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