connecting deeply

I personally often enjoyed short lasting sex and I was pretty open for all types of experiences. So I thought of myself as as sexual liberated woman.
First when I got in touch with Marc and with Tantra I realized how much undissolved pain there was under the surface inside of me.

All the expectations that I had put on myself being a woman, wanting to please the man and thinking that sex had to be a certain way to satisfy him. (I know it goes the other way around for many men as well)…

In our (western and other) societies we are mainly taught to have sex adapted to the “male pleasure curve” :
quick arousal, quick peak and then it’s over, which is very different from the female one…
Many women have lost the connection to the deeper longing, which can take us to a totally different experience of pleasure and connection.

When we slow down our desire and really are PRESENT with the WHOLE BODY rather than just in our genitals, sex is not just sex anymore…
Leaving behind the old patterns that we have formed in our sexuality can really bring big change.
We will write more about all of this in detail…
Topics like pleasure curves, expectations, non ejaculation, emotional blockages in the vagina and how to release them… So stay tuned 😉

For today I just want to recommend you the book “slow sex” by Diana Richardson if you want to immerse yourself into the journey of connection with yourself and your partner!
And if you have kids and have a good excuse because you have got no time, get rid of the excuse (not of your kids) and do it anyhow!!
Peaceful parents = balanced children ❤️😊


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